University and Iowa sheriff to concealed carry applicants: “You f-cked up. You trusted us.”

In General Information on February 21, 2013 at 3:16 pm

Whenever we object, how many times haven’t we heard some low-IQ government clerk (redundant) or state apologist chirp, “This can never be used except for its intended purpose and by authorized persons”? Go ahead, fill out those forms and sign those waivers. “You can trust us.”

In an article published in today’s Des Moines Register (21 February 2013), investigative reporters reveal how the University of Iowa shared student data with the Johnson County Sheriff. The shared data involved students who had applied to the sheriff for one of Iowa’s ‘shall issue’ concealed carry permits.

The released information contained portions of student records that are prohibited for unauthorized release under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

The involved sheriff, Lonny Pulkrabek, has been historically hostile to the idea of mere serfs being allowed to carry concealed weapons. Prior to the passage of Iowa’s ‘shall issue’ laws, Pulkrabek denied virtually all requests by citizens to be so armed.

According to the article, student applicants for concealed carry permits signed a waiver allowing the sheriff to make inquiries related to criminal activity only. Federal guidelines for FERPA require waivers to be specific to the information requested. In the article-cited cases, the university released whatever the sheriff wanted. The released/requested records contained information about academic failure, student disciplinary matters, or signs of depression. None of which are grounds for the sheriff to decline issuing a permit under Iowa law.

It is doubtful that the sheriff had to browbeat the university or intimidate its staff and leadership to hand over ‘zee paypahs’ of students requesting concealed carry permits. As a ‘center for advanced indoctrination’, the university probably eagerly and cheerfully participated in the records handovers.

Educators (a cruel misnomer) at all levels of indoctrination reflexively wet themselves at the mere mention of ‘g-g-g-guns’.

The article relates how one student learned of the sheriff’s illegal snooping after the dean called him to ask about his intentions to get a concealed carry permit. The article does not say, but the correct student response should have been, “None of your f-ing business.”

It would have been the correct answer, but no self-abasing person who really, really wants to be given the ‘privilege’ of carrying a means of self-defense would have given that answer.

I’m not going to pick on the kid for not being as assertive as I would have been. But, I will take issue with comments made by a former student, Chase Hardin, who was quoted in the article:

“I had no idea I was signing anything like that,” he said, “but does it concern me? No, I’d have to say I have no problem with them looking at grades and things like that. Gun permits are a serious thing, and I think they need to look at whatever information they can get.”

Spoken like a good slave…the state got real value for the education dollars he spent at U of I.

So hurry up and sign up for one of those ‘innocuous’ shall issue carry permits. The line forms over there.

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, this story (shockingly) does not want to slide off the pages of the characteristically state-loving, gun-hating Des Moines Register. In fact, it’s growing longer legs as an almost daily feature story. Today, a follow-up piece reveals how U of I divulged information to the sheriff that was entirely erroneous and irrelevant to the student’s CCW application. The university president is furiously pushing a broom in a futile attempt to sweep the story under the carpet. What is truly unique, is that ‘conservatives’ and ‘liberals’ are sharing outrage here. SOMEBODY in this story needs to spend reflective time in a cage. Will it happen? Not likely. But it is certain nobody will if we don’t raise a ruckus about it. Spread this story far and wide.

  2. I hope readers won’t dismiss this as being far, far away and of no concern to ‘me here’. This kind of collusion with megalomaniacs in edict enforcement is probably going on virtually everywhere. Every emerging police state has files on everyone. E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e! Accurate, or not.

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