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Four short words. It’s amazing how few people have the spine to ask them.

We hapless border dwellers have been putting up with these arrogant bastards for decades. I recall, one night back in the 70s, I was returning from a visit to a rancher friend with my family (wife and two little girls) and was pulled over arbitrarily (no probable cause) by a FedGov “team”–one from immigration and one from customs (they were separate in those days). After the migra got through interrogating me about my resident status, the customs guy searched the trunk of my car. And, being young and dumb, I allowed it without protest of any kind. No more. No more. No more.–jtl, 419 

Written by Gary North via The Tea Party Economist

Department of Homeland Security stops drivers who refuse to be questioned.  These checkpoints were 50 miles from the border.

They have no probable cause. They have no warrants. But they have badges. And  they have attitude.

English: Seal of the United States Department ...
Seal of the…

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