Return of the Count of Monte Cristo, starring Steven Slevin

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Slevin: Before and After (Dona Ana County Jail)

Slevin: Before and After (Dona Ana County Jail)

Alexander Dumas would recognize this tale.

Steven Slevin lingered, forgotten and/or neglected for almost two years in conditions not much different from those used by ‘the enemies of democracy’. Remember them? Remember Terry Anderson in Lebanon?

Slevin moldered in a cell with no one to come to his assistance. He was never taken before a judge, his penned pleas for help were carefully discarded by his captors, and he took care of his officially neglected dental disease by pulling his own tooth.

Who was responsible?

Al Qaeda? The Taliban?

Dona Ana County Jail. New Mexico. United (Soviet Socialist) States of America.

The lackey press dutifully reported Slevin’s ‘lengthy’ criminal history that included out-of-state convictions for robberies, burglaries, drunken driving, receiving stolen property, firearms violations and, and possession of drugs.

That makes it all better. We can dispense with the inconvenience and expense of pesky trials. After all, that kind of justice works in places where brave officers wear chrome helmets and have chests crisscrossed with bandoliers of bullets. Hell, that’s good enough for ‘Murica.

He was awarded $15.5 million in damages. No harm, no foul? Justice delayed, but justice nonetheless?

He has lung cancer. It is unlikely he’ll live to see his windfall or enjoy it.

Who will go to prison? Who exchanged their official costume of the state for the costume of a state prisoner?

Let me pose these questions:

Where is the outcry from jailers and edict enforcers who should abhor this kind of injustice? You know, the ‘good’ ones we always hear about that make up the ‘bulk of law the law enforcement community’. Where are the ‘Loaf Beaters’,  leading the charge of ‘good’ officers bent on arresting and holding the perpetrators of this crime for trial?

There should be a long, blue line of them eagerly pounding on the gates of Dona Ana County. There should be a phalanx or two of ninja-clad SWAT officers, eager to take the county’s rogue cops (who are known to be armed) into custody. The guys at the local Fusion Center should be passing out information to other law enforcement agencies, notifying them of the personal contacts, family members, and associates of the goons who held the kidnapped Slevin for almost two years.

Where are they?

They’re collecting their paychecks, checking their retirement accounts, using their taxpayer-funded (stolen) healthcare benefits, and dutifully collecting roadside tribute for their masters. “Screw the Constitution.”

Same-old, same-old.


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