Cherán, Mexico leads the way!

In Lifestyle on March 13, 2013 at 9:58 am
Cherán, Mexico (Web photo)

Cherán, Mexico (Web photo)

According to an article in today’s Christian Science Monitor (13 March 2013), the citizens of a small town in the hills of the Mexican Michoacán state got fed up with drug-related crimes and violence. To solve their late crime spree the villagers…

threw out the police.

The villagers were tired of illegal loggers speeding through their town. Because many of the loggers had connections to drug cartels, villagers who complained sometimes disappeared, with more than a few found dead.

At first, the women of the village mobilized the men to gather along the roadway where the loggers traveled. Using only rocks, sticks, and machetes the men ‘detained’ four errant loggers and ‘impounded’ their trucks.

The police intervened…

…on behalf of the loggers.

The townsfolk tossed the police out of town, along with the rest of the loggers and all of the local politicians.

At first, the Mexican government was outraged and snorted, “There’s no rationale for a group of people taking justice into their own hands and going above the law.” Six months later, because tradition and autonomy is the law for Purépechans indigenous to the region, Mexico gave Cherán its autonomy.

There was no social breakdown, no chaos, and no ‘anarchy’. Indigenous guards, appointed by the villagers according to tradition, now keep the village peace.

According to the article, kidnappings and attacks are a thing of the past.

The guards are a casual lot.

Dressed in black cargo pants tucked into boots, black t-shirts, and with rifles slung over their chests, they enjoy gaily colored churros as they man a checkpoint. And while most of the guards prefer not to be identified, eighteen year-old Santiago Rodriguez wants the lawless element to know who he is.

“If someone wants to come and get me, fine,” he says. “What they were doing almost destroyed Cherán. And that’s why I’m here.”

Bravo! Viva Cherán!

  1. And they say that a Stateless society can not possibly work. Sigh…

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