Further tales of the Mad Sheriff of Johnson County

In Editorial on March 13, 2013 at 12:29 pm
Pulkrabek (Web photo)

Pulkrabek (Web photo)

Remember Lonny Pulkrabek?

He’s the anti-gun fanatic who parades around Johnson County adorned in a sheriff’s costume. He’s the anti-gun zealot who illegally clamored for protected student information, held by the University of Iowa, whenever a U of I student applied for a concealed carry permit.

Presumably to deflect some of the unwanted attention, the embattled Pulkrabek is helping the editorial board of the Des Moines Register to haul up a straw man holding a false flag to do away with Iowa’s “shall issue” concealed carry laws.

Salameh (KCRG-TV)

Salameh (KCRG-TV)

After Taleb Hussein Yousef Salameh shot up officers attending to a complaint at his mobile home [Salameh was shot and killed.], Pulkrabek and the Register immediately began howling, “What if he had a concealed carry permit?”

The Register and Pulkrabek are fast-bound accomplices raking for a solution to the non-problem of Iowa’s “shall issue” concealed carry permit system. Both are howling about the ‘lack of ability’ for sheriffs to decline issuing a permit to unworthy candidates and how sheriffs ‘may’ be forced to issue carry permits to mentally ill people and unapprehended criminals.

Left out of every Register article in its ongoing anti-gun series and op-eds, is the fact that sheriffs do have the ability to decline a permit. They simply need to present evidence that the candidate is unsuitable in court.

You know, via due process.

Pulkrabek and the Register apparently don’t care much for due process.

Pulkrabek favors returning to an issuing system where the sheriff had virtually absolute power to deny a citizen his or her right to carry a concealed firearm. Under that system, sheriffs used concealed carry permits as political tools or as fundraiser prizes.

I don’t know if Pulkrabek abused the old system for political or financial gain. I do know under the old, good-ole-boy system, Pulkrabek, an untreated hoplophobe, denied virtually all applicants who came to him for permits.

He now claims he would have been ‘forced’ to grant Salameh a permit had he sought one.

According to an article published in the Register, under current law Pulkrabek claimed, “Iowa law would have forced him to grant it”.

Well, pants on fire!

Here are the facts.

If Pulkrabek had evidence that Salameh was dangerous or mentally ill, he would have been ordered to present that evidence in court if Salameh appealed. As with a criminal prosecution, Pulkrabek would have the burden of proof.

No hearsay allowed. Cross-examination is permitted. Lying is perjury. A judge, not Pulkrabek, would have made a determination on Salameh’s application.

Pulkrabek doesn’t seem to care much for a system where due process is required before he can strip a serf of his rights.

As the student information scandal suggests, Pulkrabek doesn’t seem to care much for privacy laws that apply to him. Neither did Stalin. What good is being a dictator, even a sheriff-dictator, if you can’t dictate?

There’s more.

In Iowa, to purchase a handgun, you must obtain permission from the sheriff to do so. Every criminal knows this and it is why criminals are extremely diligent in following the applicable pistol-purchasing laws.

Salameh applied for, and was granted, permission to purchase a handgun by Pulkrabek.

Upon hearing such, I imagine a warm, yellow stain began to spread across Sheriff Pulkrabek’s costume pantaloons.

Then, quick as a weasel, politician Pulkrabek may have realized that this fact had legs for an anti-gun rant.

And, since the public and Register editorial board are collectively as dumb as a bag of hammers about Iowa gun laws, Pulkrabek endeavored to confuse Iowa’s pistol purchase permit laws with those pertaining to concealed carry.

According to law, an Iowa sheriff has almost no ability to arbitrarily deny a purchase permit, beyond the reasons for a denial under a federal background check. In nearly all cases, the purchase permit is a ‘must issue’.

The concealed carry permit is not a ‘must issue’ permit on par with the purchase permit. If the sheriff has reasonable grounds to deny an application, the applicant may appeal to a judge to hear his side. The judge, as in all cases before him/her, judges the sheriff’s assertions for their reasonableness.

Out of misplaced remorse, political ambition, or a need to sweep illegal information sharing under the carpet, Pulkrabek appears to be dishonestly attempting to claim he would have been forced to grant Salameh a concealed carry permit, had he applied for one.

That is 100% false.

A judge, not Pulkrabek, would have made the determination. And, since Salameh is dead, the issue is closed.

That’s not good enough for the apparently phobic and megalomaniacal Pulkrabek. He wants people to fret that there might be unstable people getting concealed carry permits.

He knows they’re out there.

He knows he should be empowered to deny carry permits, due process be damned.

Paranoia? Megalomania? Phobias?

Will somebody please disarm Sheriff Pulkrabek? By his own criteria, I suspect that he’s as mad as a hatter. Heaven knows what he’ll do with his gun.


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