Vermont Health Insurance: “You’ll eat what we say you can afford to eat.”

In General Information on April 1, 2013 at 7:50 pm

“What does the paper say? What edicts have been issued?

Photo: Heritage Films

Photo: Heritage Films

It says, ‘Jews are permitted to possess only 5,000 zloty.’

How are we supposed to live on only 5,000 zloty?

The paper doesn’t say.”

(Scene from The Pianist 2002)

Today, Vermont became the first state to publish its insurance rates for slaves living within its borders.

According to reports filed by the Associated Press, premiums will follow this example:

Family of four earning $40K/yr will pay $45/month in premiums.

Single earners (40K/yr) will pay $317/month in premiums.

The devil is no longer in the details.

The unfortunate single person will pay $4,867 in base (federal) taxes on everything he/she earned under $35,350. Then, they will pay 25% on every dollar they earned above $35,350, or $1,163. His or her full federal tax burden will be $6,030.

This leaves our state health insurance beneficiary $33,971. Local taxes (on property and income) and ‘fees’ (licenses and registrations) will likely eat up another $4,000, leaving $29,970.

Vermont is an expensive place in which to live on $2,500 a month. Uncle Barack’s Slave Cross – Slave Shield health insurance plan wants 13% of our poor mook’s take home pay.

After paying the rent/mortgage, car payment, insurance on the home and car, utilities, telephone, and all of the other things that come due during the month, our friend will have to buy groceries.

The car and house payment will likely eat up well over half of his paycheck.

How will he buy groceries?

The paper didn’t say.


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