Introducing: The Fallon Forum

In General Information on April 8, 2013 at 3:41 pm
Ed Fallon (Photo: Wikipedia)

Ed Fallon (Photo: Wikipedia)


Phyne Dyning is pleased to link fellow Dyners to The Fallon Forum.

The forum’s namesake is a long-time progressive. And, despite his statist leanings, he champions all of the right causes. I don’t agree with Ed on everything and I’m sure there is a quid pro quo on his part for my positions as well. That said, I’ve always known Ed to be respectful. Make no mistake, I don’t embrace all of his causes. For starters:

Global Warming – It’s not that I am a blanket denier of the possibility the global warming folks are right. I just don’t know. The topic has been turned into a quasi-religion (on both sides). Finding objective material dealing with the topic has become almost impossible.

Gun Control – Ed favors a blanket ‘assault weapons ban’. The best argument against his support is the Sandy Hook massacre itself. The gunman fired 150rds in just over 20 minutes. That is a rate of fire somewhere around 8 shots per minute. A minimally competent shooter using a double-barreled shotgun could easily exceed that rate. The problem isn’t guns, it’s the lack of respect for life and civility…which Ed also champions.


What do I like about Ed?

He’s an ardent supporter of the Occupy movement. He was arrested when he participated in the occupation of the Iowa Capitol Complex (and was subsequently acquitted of the charges). He is a friend to the area Catholic Workers, Friends, and other peace organizations. Ed doesn’t just shoot his mouth off, like many commentators, he gets involved.

No, Ed is not a libertarian. But, he counts libertarians among his friends.

That’s enough for me.







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