The American descent into madness

In Lifestyle on July 15, 2013 at 11:41 am

There is an epidemic of control-related mental illness in America. We now have the madmen running the asylum.


I believe that the majority of people are mentally ill. It is especially the case with proponents of American-style democracy.

What is democracy?

One person gets one vote. The majority opinion decides. Think apartheid.

American-style democracy is supposedly tempered because we have a representative subspecies of the style. It works like an absolute democracy, but the majority elects representatives who are supposed to consider the potential effects of majority wants upon the entire citizenship. Consequently, even if a majority of Americans wanted to enslave a portion of the populace (presumably) the representatives would not codify slavery into accepted behavior because slavery is wrong.

Unfortunately, the system is fatally flawed.

People flock to power like moths around a porch light. Tolkien’s character ‘Gollum/Smeagol’ would be more likely to surrender his precious ring than would any elected representative give up power. Consequently, elected representatives gleefully give into the wants of any majority who elects them.

By default, the electing majority is now made up of control freaks.

Control freaks are mentally ill people who have irrational fear of error. America is going through an epidemic of control ‘freakism’ and it expresses itself in the voting booth.

A control freak tries to turn the chaos of living into an orderly process. They wrongly believe, if they can only create a rigorously controlled environment, no mistakes will be made. When mistakes (unavoidably) take place in the controlled environment, the control freak believes the error happened because there were still insufficient controls in place.

What makes someone into a control freak?

Control freaks have deep-set fear of abandonment and/or they grew up in a home where deserved praise was seldom given (or it was qualified).

The abandoned kid begins to believe his mother and/or father left (or was constructively absent) because the kid misbehaved or failed to follow the house rules. They think, “Mommy would be here if I were a better kid.” The parental absence has nothing to do with the kid (in virtually all cases), but the child strives to follow all of the rules and even sets itself up to obey even more Draconian rules than the parents ever set down. “Maybe if I am better and make no mistakes, Daddy will play catch with me.”

The other version involves the “Why isn’t your B, an A?” phenomenon.

No matter what the kid does, it’s never good enough. “Good enough”, to the child, is capricious and ethereal. He simply knows he must perform better. Mistakes are not an option. The kid brings home a report card with an A in English. Daddy either says “Why isn’t it an A+?” or Dad shrugs and says nothing. (The kid may also have an abnormal sense of ego and dismiss any praise except one accompanied by a marching band.)

In the end, the kid sees mistakes as an enemy that must be vanquished. They grow up to be fixated on data, charts, motivational posters, seminars, and all of the other trappings designed to eliminate mistakes or create a perfect world. They set forth, armed with policy manuals and rule books, and tyrannize their fellow man in the workplace and from within the voting booth.

“Zero tolerance!” they cry. Their buttocks are so tightly clenched that a lump of coal between them would emerge as a diamond.

Of course, the more tightly they regulate their environment, the more likely it is that one of their fellow humans will transgress some rule or policy. These inevitable violations trigger another volley of new rules, all designed to prevent similar mistakes. The control freak gradually paints himself into a corner…using invisible paint.

It does no good to try to educate a control freak about their illness. For them to change, they would have to recognize their control issues as mistakes. But remember, to the control freak, mistakes are the enemy and mistakes will not be tolerated. A control freak will use every defense mechanism (from violence to denial) to avoid admitting that their drive to control is the problem.

Finally, how does all of this relate to what we are seeing today in America?

From the mid-1960s, children were abandoned by mothers who set out to empower themselves with careers and by fathers climbing the success ladder. Latch-key kids became the norm. Parents pushed their little protégés into soccer, karate, golf, foreign languages, and all sorts of advanced placement programs designed to mold kids into error-free perfecto-pods.

It worked.

We now have at least two adult generations for whom failure is not an option. Deep in their psyches they know that Utopia is just one more rule away. These grownups clamor to proxy leaders who promise, “With passage of this law, we will now have the tool(s) to be health, wealthy, and wise”.

That’s just sick.


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