Jennifer Niemeyer & Cathy Stepp: The softer, more feminine side of state terrorism…

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If Hell exists, it exists for the purpose of being the eternal place of repose for Jennifer Niemeyer and Cathy Stepp. My rabbi always warns me, “Never say that it couldn’t be worse, because it can get worse…and it will.” Friends, I thought the police killing of a 95 year-old veteran was at the absolute bottom of the cesspool of the Amerikan Soyuz’s monopoly on violence. I was wrong. What kind of monster deliberately inflicts mental cruelty in the manner sanctioned by Niemeyer and Stepp?

[Editor’s note: After publishing this, I decided to look into what kind of people can do this kind of thing. The Wisconsin State Journal (30 December 2010) gave me the information I was seeking. Stepp was appointed by Governor Scott (Sieg Heil!) Walker. She is (of course) a Republican. Her appointment drew immediate fire from Democrats and Brett Hulsey (D-Madison) said, “Putting Cathy Stepp in charge of the DNR is like putting Lindsay Lohan in charge of a rehab center.” His words were (unfortunately for ‘Giggles’) sadly prescient. Of his then nominee, Walker said, “I wanted a person with a Chamber of Commerce mentality.” (Translation: Business uber alles!). Stepp, herself, said this about the agency she was about to head: “The people who work at the DNR tend to be “anti-development, anti-transportation, and pro-garter snakes, karner blue butterflies, etc.” Yeah, Cathy…fuck wildlife. Just the kind of person we need in charge of baby deer.]

I was aghast when I finished watching the WISN-TV link sent to me by a fellow Phyne Dyner.

If you have a strong stomach, click on this link:

If you do not have a strong stomach, here’s the abbreviated story:

About two weeks ago, agents of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and local sheriff’s deputies executed a military-style assault/raid on a no-kill animal shelter operated by the Society of St. Francis. The shelter is staffed by volunteers, many of them well into the years of senior citizenship. During the raid, the shelter staff was herded into the facility’s picnic area and DNR agents ‘tranquilized’ the two week old fawn the old folks had named, “Giggles”. In an action that speaks volumes in depravity, these brave police ‘heroes’ tossed Giggles’ across their shoulders and paraded her limp form past the horrified volunteers. Officials say the fawn was removed from the premises and was “humanely euthanized”.

The issue is not a dead deer.

The issue is the horrific manner in which the sheriff’s goons and the DNR jackboots willfully terrorized the staff at the St. Francis shelter. The staff had taken turns feeding the fawn with a bottle, given her a little wicker bed, and fitted her with a cute collar. The actions of the goons was a deliberate message not to trifle with the state and its zero-tolerance laws. The Wisconsin DNR’s goal was the goal of all terrorists: to create fear of the terrorist’s power and to intimidate others from behaviors not sanctioned by the terrorist organization.



Local reporters contacted Jennifer Niemeyer, the supervising DNR warden for the case, and asked her about the necessity of executing a military assault on the shelter. Niemeyer



(pictured) responded:

“If a sheriff’s department is going in to do a search warrant on a drug bust, they don’t call them and ask them to voluntarily surrender their marijuana or whatever drug that they have before they show up.”

Niemeyer’s comments are in the best of examples to be found in the ‘us versus them’ mentalities of contemporary, American jackbooted stormtroopers. The public, even animal-loving seniors, are potential threats in need of SWAT-swarming. It is the kind of thinking that holds that an elderly woman with a fawn is the same as a deranged man with a gun.

Niemeyer even demurely played the ‘I vas choost following ordahs’ from the Schutzstaffel of the last century. She deferred that Wisconsin’s DNR secretary, Cathy Stepp (also pictured) personally authorized the raid and execution of the fawn.

The incident and the callousness of these two women has properly outraged the public. Both women and their agency are receiving death threats.

Death threats are wrong. Any threat of violence is wrong.

However, it is not wrong to let the children, the parents, and the neighbors of these two females know that they are both monsters on par with Ilse Koch, AKA “The Bitch of Buchenwald”.

They are not to be despised for killing a fawn.

They are to be despised for terrorizing the people who dared break the law by caring for a defenseless baby deer. They are to be despised for being the agents who imprinted traumatic memories by acting in a willful manner designed solely to terrorize and intimidate the kind-hearted souls who dared to violate holy state wildlife policies.

May Jennifer Niemeyer and Cathy Stepp live to ripe, old age. May they always be reminded that they were the softer and more feminine side of state terror. They, and they alone, decided to turn in their Humanity Card and, by doing so, have been deemed not to be able to claim a place among civilized men and women. Out of a kindness these two, inhumane bitches denied to the staff at St. Francis…

…they must be allowed to live in peace, but they should reviled by all that is good in mankind.

A closing Editor’s note: I almost refused to cover this story. Often, coverage of organized brutality is exactly what a brutalizing state most desires. Every tyrant knows that you don’t have to kill or torture every dissenter…you need only kill or torture a few…in public, and with the cameras rolling. A reputation of ruthlessness is as valuable as absolutely ruthless behavior. I chose to publicize this story to bring Niemeyer and Stepp out into the disinfecting sunlight and so their friends, neighbors, their children, and their grandchildren can see them for the horrible monsters that they are.

  1. An alert reader tells me that the faithful heroes of law enforcement also confiscated a Canadian goose that had been living at the shelter for EIGHT YEARS. “No goose for you!” (Fortunately, the goons did not kill the goose.)

  2. I hope they are so proud of themselves! I can almost hear the heavy breathing of Vador and hear the stomps of goosestepping! A two week old baby dear (yes, dear!)! Aerial support and the entire goon squad? We need to wake up and see what is taking over. Women used to be protectors-when did you sell out? Compassion and logic traded for power.

    • Yvonne, you have nailed the blame down perfectly to pinpoint blame upon the seduction of power. To evil governments, women represent an untapped source. As you observed, many women are willing to trade their roles as protectors and society’s moral compass…for a chance to command.

      Welcome. Please come back soon. And hope (or pray) that women (and men) see how seductive power can be.


  3. I feel it is also about a dead deer.Giggles was scheduled to go to a wildlife rehab shelter in Illinois where Giggles would have been safe the very next day.They killed her anyway.

    • I understand, truly. I am also saddened that a creature, who had looked at humans as protectors was ultimately betrayed and murdered by them. But, not only did they kill Giggles…they paraded her limp body in front of the St. Francis volunteers on the way out as they left. Killing the fawn, knowing it would have been rehabilitated, was cruel. Parading her dead/dying body in front of the people who lovingly cared for her was totally monstrous.

      Thank you for visiting. It is a pleasure to share the world with compassionate people like you.

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