A better ‘Method’ of cleaning…

In Shameless plug on November 19, 2013 at 10:57 am

Method Cleaner

It’s been a while since I wrote up a Shameless Plug for a product that delivers what it promises…and more.

My kitchen gets a pretty good workout every week. Regular meals, holiday and Sabbath feasts, mad experiments using new ingredients, and the ongoing processing of herbs, broths, stocks, etc. take a toll.

My kitchen is always clean, but it is not always ‘clean’. Every once in a while, I have to get deep into corners and high on the walls to clean the ‘ick’ of normal life out of it.

I’ve used all of the ordinary cleaners and I’ve gotten ordinary results. I’ve used industrial-quality cleaners while decked out in enough protective gear to defeat war gases. The results have always been…


Then one evening after a full day of hanging around, I tuned into America’s Test Kitchen. In this episode, Adam Reid was holding forth on surface cleaners. The winner: Method.

Reid raved about how the cleaner was successful in getting the gunk off of ATK’s heavily used stove hoods and other heavily soiled areas.

So, I invested about three bucks in a quart of the stuff.

It works.

I tried it out on my own, grungy stove hood. Then, I made my way down the stove’s oven and range controls. The soffit above the cabinets had long-ago discolored from the effects of cooking. A few squirts of the Method cleaner and a gentle wipe later…clean. The paint was undamaged.

I took off at a maddening pace. “Everything must be cleaned.”

I descended upon the large appliances, the small appliances…my eyes fell on the coffee maker.

“Unclean!” I shouted.

In minutes, the toaster and coffee-maker gleamed.

This stuff works.


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