One more reason to stay out of New Mexico…terrorists be there.

In General Information on November 19, 2013 at 10:38 am


[Around my house we adore the Capra classic, “It’s A Wonderful Life”. The scene where Bert the cop lets bullets fly after the fleeing (dazed and confused) George Bailey always put a sardonic smile on my face. The scene was a typical over-the-top Hollywood representation of the concept of justifiable use of force. Back in the day, a cop doing so would be seeking new employment before the gun smoke cleared. Today? Not so much. Ho-hum.]

Normally, I paraphrase other news sources (it makes me feel like a real writer). In this case, pictures (video) is worth a thousand words (5,000 of mine):

Watch New Mexico’s state version of the Keystone Kops HERE.


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