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First arrest made in Ohio’s war on hidden compartments in vehicles

In General Information on November 22, 2013 at 10:22 am

Dear Readers, this is akin to finding matches in an Ordinary’s pants pocket and charging him with ‘intent to commit arson’. Any criminal intent in this case exists solely in the minds of the criminals…err, police. As the following article suggests, it is only a matter of time before hiding places in private residences are, likewise, banned.

Folks who like to keep their property secure from prying eyes have one more thing to worry about.

Having a ‘secret’ compartment in a vehicle is illegal in Ohio.

That means concealed carry permit holders, people who carry cash, and folks on vacation who don’t want their valuables stolen and who construct hidden recesses in their cars to do so now face felony charges in the Buckeye State.

According to published news accounts, Norman Gurley (30) and a Michigan resident, was arrested for having a secret compartment constructed in his car. The compartment opened via electric locks.

Compartments such as the one Gurley had installed were banned in Ohio as part of the ‘War on Drugs’. Criminals in the employ of the state say the compartments are designed to hold the dastardly duo of modern America…

…Guns and drugs.

Gurley’s compartment was empty.

No guns. No drugs. Just an empty compartment.

Therefore, any criminal intent for the compartment existed only in the minds of the costumed marauders within the Ohio Highway Patrol who stopped Gurley for speeding.

According to Lt. Michael Combs of the highway patrol, “We apparently caught them between runs, so to speak, so this takes away one tool they have in their illegal trade.”

Modern law enforcement regularly relies on soothsayers possessing low IQs to predict who will commit a crime and who, despite the absence of any evidence a crime has been committed, is a criminal.

Got a hidey-hole at home? A wall safe?

You can bet your ass that it won’t be long before the caped donut munchers begin a similar campaign against residential hiding places.

It’s for our own good.